The work of the Council of Directors is supported by a network of committees, comprised of BIID members.

Audit Committee:

Chair: Dan Hopwood

The Audit Committee monitors the work of the BIID Council of Directors.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee:

Chair: Claire Tull 

The CPD Committee organises the Institute’s calendar of CPD events. In addition it oversees applications to join the BIID CPD Providers Directory.

Finance Committee

Chair: Gilly Craft

The Finance Committee oversees financial management, financial reporting and staff remuneration.

Membership Committee:

Chair: Harriet Forde

The Membership Committee works on improving and expanding the benefits available to BIID members.

Professional Practice Committee: 

Chair: Ciara Langley

The Professional Practice oversees the development of the BIID Professional Pathway including module content, assessment and quality assurance, in addition to working with interior educators and students.

Committee dates for 2019: 

This will be updated shortly.

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