The term Institute is government regulated and only awarded to organisations that undertake research at the highest level or are professional bodies of the highest standing.

The responsibility of a professional Institute is to set the highest standards of practice for its particular profession. The BIID undertakes various activities to support our role as the national standard bearer for interior design, including:

  • The BIID Professional Pathway: the national professional qualification for interior design;
  • Code of Conduct: all BIID professional Members are required to sign our professional code of conduct;
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): all BIID Members are required to evidence their continuing professional development to ensure they keep up to date with the latest professional developments;
  • Complaints Procedure: the Institute has a fair and transparent complaints procedure in place;
  • Governance: the Institute is owned and governed by its members

Our application for Institute status was granted by the Secretary of State via Companies House in 2009.

The BIID Professional Pathway

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