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Eleanor Whiston
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United Kingdom

The A-Z of Sourcing

Everything you need to know about interior product sourcing. Product curating is a hugely creative task, at the same time it carries an exceptionally high burden of admin. Getting it right can make or break a project, and yet most Interior Designers report that they can never spend as much time as they'd like on their curations. Learn how to source effectively and efficiently; so you have the best products for your projects every time. This CPD will cover: - How to stay up to date with the latest and best products and suppliers (that your clients can't find) - Your roles and responsibilities; what you need to know to protect yourself and your business - Are you a Principal or an Agent or both? And the advantages and disadvantages of each. - How to effectively manage your supplier relationships and save time in the sourcing process. - How the latest online tools can help you


  • Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Cost: £0.00
  • Regions Covered: London