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The Story of Imperial Luxury

By peeling back the layers of history we can explore the extraordinary craftsmanship and skill that was developed by the Ottomans and transported to Europe via Italy. They were so far ahead of England in the 15th century with access to more raw materials via the Silk Road from China via Persia. It helps us to understand why Istanbul and Italy became such a vital and useful trading route for textiles and how they expanded on weaving techniques to create fine imperial and ecclesiastical robes adorned with gold, silver, jewels and pearls. Persians and Ottomans were the originators of many iconic designs – take Liberty’s Department Store for example. Their paisley designs are often thought of as very English – of course they are not! What you will see during this presentation is the evolution of ‘classic’ contemporary designs that originated hundreds of ago and have since been incorporated into many modern textile designs” says Ros Pollock, Founder of Ottoman Silks.

Ros will guide you through this compelling presentation and offer insight into the extraordinary opulence of the Ottoman Empire. She will explain the Italian influence to Ottoman and European trade and highlight the origins of Ottoman designs and symbols which resonate particularly well with Russian and Middle Eastern clientele. The weaving, designing and dying process is also covered along with a surprising insight into today’s Turkish textile industry.


  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: £0.00
  • Regions Covered: London, South East England and the Home Counties