This video guides designers through the practical considerations of commission and installation of stone sculptures through an interview with British artist Paul Vanstone and advises where to find artists in this field.

To understand how to commission a stone sculpture

To undersand how to commission of stone sculpture within interior design
To consider the sculpture as a design feature from the outset and understand how to collaborate with the artist and client

To address practical issues in commission and installation

To understand scale, position, access and weight need to be addressed with heavy stone sculptures.

To understand where to find artists and sculptors

A description of events where designers and clients can see a range of artists producing stone sculpture

Art and Accesories, Commercial, Outdoor, Residential, Stone, Granite and Marble

Natural Stone Projects

Caroline Zanarotti is Director of Natural Stone Projects and has been in the stone industry since 1996. Caroline specialises in high end residential and commercial projects which may require sourcing of stones and unique and unusual features. She offers experience of almost all aspects of the process from quarry to signing off and the potential hurdles at each step. Caroline offers a responsive, creative and proactive approach to move project along and find just what the client is looking for.

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  • Duration: 00:15:00
  • Language: English
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