This CPD module on using wood in interiors has been developed in collaboration with the Timber Trade Federation, the British Woodworking Federation and Swedish Wood, working with the British Institute of Interior Design. It covers the use of wood in interior design in all parts of a building and showcases some stunning design case studies.

Sustainable Interior design

Following an introduction from former BIID President, Susie Rumbold, the module goes on to cover:
Panelling, Flooring, Doors, Stairs Mouldings and Timber Species. It closes with inspirational sections on furniture and an architectural gallery of case studies.

Kitchens, Surfaces and Wallcoverings, Sustainability, Wood

Swedish Wood

Swedish Wood - part of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation

Swedish Wood spreads knowledge, provides inspiration and encourages development relating to wood, wood products and wood construction. The goal is to increase the use of wood in Sweden and in selected international markets through information and inspiration. Swedish Wood also aims to highlight wood as a competitive, eco-friendly and sustainable material.

Swedish Wood is a department within the trade organisation Swedish Forest Industries Federation. Swedish Wood is supported by the Swedish sawmill sector.

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