In Part 2 of Creating a Basic Floor Plan, learn how to create traditional 2D symbols like windows and doors, including recommended workflows to encourage efficiency and advanced techniques to improve presentation. Includes time stamp as a PDF.

Creating Windows (and Groups)

Learn how to create a traditional window symbol. Includes recommended workflow to increase efficiency, for example the creation of Groups.

How to Create a Component

Learn the difference between a Group and a Component and how to integrate a Component into an efficient workflow.

Creating a Door

How to create a traditional door symbol using the line and arc tools, including advanced techniques for a more professional appearance.

Checking the Progress of Your Floor Plan

Review the visual aesthetics of your floor plan clearly by adjusting the Style settings accordingly.

Professional Practice and Ethics

SketchUp Hub

As a professional 3D Visualiser, with a background in Interior Design, Anita is acutely aware of the importance of floor plans and elevations to the daily role of the Interior Designer. She also understands how daunting it can be, to try and self-teach CAD software, especially when you are trying to run a business, or have the added pressures of studying. It’s for these reasons that the SketchUp Hub was born!

Anita has developed a range of courses to help Interior Designers and students, produce accurate floor plans and elevations, at a professional level, for the ultimate benefit of their business or studies. Anita has also shared her knowledge of image editing techniques, by creating online courses that show her students how to transform their plans into beautiful, watercolour illustrations.

The range of courses provided allow Designers to accurately communicate and adapt their designs whether they are sharing their vision for a space at a client presentation, or discussing the technical aspects of a design with Tradesmen and Contractors.

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