Course Content

It is important to thoroughly research the content of any interior design course you are considering. A professional level interior design course should encompass:

  1. Fundamentals of Design (philosophy, sociology, aesthetics and a theory of design). Visual research (colour, light, form, texture). Basic knowledge of materials.
  2. Visual Communication (objective and interpretative drawing, freehand perspective drawing, use of colour media, photography and model making).
  3. People in their Environment (human ergonometric and anthropometric studies and people in space and design evaluation). History of Art and Architecture, Interiors and Furniture.
  4. Creative work by Project Method.
  5. Interpretation of the project schemes and technical studies related to the built environment (working drawings, building technology, and understanding of structure and services. Costing and estimating, detailing and specifying material, furniture and fittings).
  6. Professional Practice (verbal communication techniques, office organisation and practice, legislation affecting the designer, visiting projects underway or completed).

(Source: IFI)

The Institute recommends that anyone interested in becoming an interior designer should undertake education or training in interior design. The preferred route is a three year degree in Interior Design, Interior Architecture or Spatial Design. However, we recognise that this route may not be viable for all candidates and a shorter course might be preferable. In addition to universities, many independent course providers offer interior design courses. If you choose a course offered by one of these providers, we strongly recommend that you choose a course and/or course provider that has been independently validated or accredited.

Questions to Ask

We recommend that you thoroughly research any interior design course you are considering and ask some or all of the following questions: 

•    What is the course content?
•    What study support will you receive?
•    Who are the course tutors/lecturers and what are their qualifications?
•    If the course is not offered by a university is it validated by a university?
•    Where have previous graduates gone on to work?
•    What support is offered in terms of organising work placements, internships or employment assistance?

Important Note:

Unfortunately the Institute is unable to recommend any interior design course or course provider as we do not accredit interior design courses at this time. Whilst we do not accredit courses, we do maintain a list of courses that qualify for educational credit on the BIID Professional Pathway. Click here for further details.

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