Lutron presents: Fashion Meets Technology CPD (28/03/19)

Thursday 28th March 2019


Thursday 28th March 2019


8:30am to 10:30am


Lutron Experience Centre | 4th Floor | 125 Finsbury Pavement | London | EC2A 1NQ

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Interior designers are invited to the Lutron Experience Centre in London for breakfast and parts 1 and 2 of their BIID accredited CPD 'Fashion Meets Technology'.

Part 1: Fashion Meets Technology – How to Use Lighting Controls to Enhance Your Designs

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a space and can directly impact the way we feel, interact, and live in a home. As lighting becomes more complex, come take a tour of our experience centre to see how to embrace this element of a project and how simple it can be.

During the tour you will learn about the different types of light in a space, what light sources are available, best practices for effective dimming, and much more.

By the end of the tour, you will have seen first hand how you can utilize the latest technology has to offer and how the effective use of lighting control can enhance your overall design.

Learning Objectives:

  • Types of lighting
  • Types of light sources
  • Best practices for dimming
  • Types of lighting control available – wireless and wired
  • Space requirements for lighting systems
  • Seamless integration of lighting control into other home technology

Part 2: Fashion Meets Technology – How to use Automated Blinds to Enhance Your Designs

Daylight is an integral part of our daily lives. Being able to control natural light in a home is just as important as controlling the electric light. Visit our experience centre to see how automated blinds not only enhance the space by the way they look, but also how they can impact the comfort and convenience of a home.

During the tour you will learn about a variety of different blind types, the effects of different colour blinds, what openness in a fabric means, and more.

You will see how the marriage of fashion and technology can create the ultimate experience and enhance your designs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Types of Blinds
  • Types of Blind fabric
  • Effects of different coloured fabrics
  • How openness can impact your views
  • Different types of installation and best practices
  • Types of controls – wireless and wired

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