PP1 - Understanding Strategy and Writing a Business Plan (17/11/2016)

Thursday 17th November 2016


Thursday 17th November 2016


9:00am to 5:00pm


BIID | 9 Bonhill Street | London | EC2A 4PE


  • BIID Members / £125.00
  • Students / £125.00
  • General / £165.00

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PP1 is the first instalment of four Professional Practice Seminars presented by Dr Rachel Smart.

Rachel provides a structure for professional interior designers to rethink business strategy and business planning - whether pre start up, early stages or established business - how to approach setting a 5 year and longer term career plan that is realistic and achievable - as well as how to cope with the information that this process drags up!


The series of four seminars offer designers the opportunity to take time out from their job, or business, and review their approach and thinking for the future on each of the four core topics. The seminars can be attended as a block of four (giving a month to review/implement between) or as a one off session.

Having developed these seminars with BIID since 2003 based on their burning questions about professional practice, the seminars have evolved and developed to ensure that they cover contemporary practice whether sole practitioner or larger studio. Delegates range from students, early stage businesses and businesses with over 20 years’ experience giving a great opportunity of sharing within the group. 

This is an all-day event and a light sandwich lunch will be provided. 


The sessions do not use PowerPoint, instead diagrams are drawn that explain how to 'rethink' your approach to matters faced each day by interior designers in relation to their work. These diagrams provide a framework for continued use when back in the studio. The diagrams and approach have been tested repeatedly with Rachel's clients since 2000 and with the BIID since 2003. During the session delegates will have the opportunity to put forward their own particular stumbling blocks and receive advice there and then that they can apply after the session. 

Every delegate is equipped to gradually and continuously improve the delivery of projects and the management of a studio to generate long-term business success in both design and financial terms. Improvements in professional practice make it much easier to win clients, earn appropriate fees, deliver projects smoothly and generate repeat business.    


Delegates range from students, early stage businesses and businesses with over 20 years’ experience giving a great opportunity of sharing within the group. 


Rachel Smart provides a unique combination of services for architects and designers including management consultancy and professional practice seminars. Her knowledge is informed by:

  • the understanding of a designer’s aspirations having trained in interior design for five years 
  • the experience of being director of a leading London architectural practice
  • the rigour of a Master’s in Business Administration at Durham University with a specialisation in design business strategy        
  • the specialist knowledge of PhD research completed at Birkbeck focusing on successful design entrepreneurs and their firms
  • the practical knowledge gained by helping small design and architecture businesses to thrive since 2000
  • working with BIID since 2003 to develop professional practice for interior designers

Rachel offers a range of services to start-up, run and grow small design and architectural businesses for more profit and less stress. “Creative people want to get on with the job and not worry about management and paperwork. My intention is to help designers enjoy their businesses more and optimise their financial success.” Rachel Smart 

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