Presentation Skills for Interior Designers (31/01/18)

Wednesday 31st January 2018


Wednesday 31st January 2018


9:00am to 5:00pm


Martin Room | Royal Institute of British Architects | 66 Portland Place | London | W1B 1AD


  • BIID Members / £125.00
  • Travelling Members / £100.00
  • General / £180.00

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This workshop is designed to prove the apparently simple concept that we all perform best when adopting a positive, conversational style. In other words, our personality comes over well and our listeners find the message easy to digest. Vital to this concept is analysis of normal conversation.

Participants will discover some amazing insights into their own strengths when talking and passing information to other people. Why do people sometimes listen intently? Why, sometimes, do they forget everything that was said? These basic principles are the building blocks of all face-to-face communication.


In this bespoke workshop you will learn how to present confidently when pitching to potential clients or presenting your ideas to existing clients. Excellent design does not sell itself. Before a client can believe in your work they have to believe in you. This workshop will help to make you stand out when you stand up.


9:00    Registration and Coffee

9:30    Basic Principles

11:00  Coffee Break

11:15  Effective Use of Visuals

12:30  Light sandwich lunch (provided)

13:00  Focusing Your Message

14:00  Presentation Development

15:00 Final Presentations

16:50  Wrap Up

17:00  End


  • An understanding of the principles of face-to-face communication
  • The confidence to present your ideas with clarity and conviction
  • An understanding of “less is more” – the more you say the less the audience listens
  • The freedom to be less reliant upon visual stimulus when presenting
  • The ability to get the maximum impact from your choice of visuals
  • The ability to get buy-in during the presentation by taking control of the presentation process


Professional Interior Designers


Claudette has worked in the communications industry since 1979 particularly in broadcasting, video production and industrial theatre. Her expertise centres on writing, producing and presenting.

Corporate video production, elaborate business launches and business presentations have allowed her to successfully blend formal arts training with business acumen. Claudette appreciates that no amount of special effects can compensate for a poorly focused message or an unnatural delivery style. The entire presentation process changes when you look at it from the audiences’ (the client's) perspective.

This programme provides as much ‘live’ practice as possible – based on the premise that successful speaking is a physical skill and that the only way to improve it is through practice. Hopefully, the skills you will learn will help you through a lifetime of success in face-to-face communication.

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