Styling Interiors for Photoshoots (07/03/18, pm)

Wednesday 7th March 2018


Wednesday 7th March 2018


2:00pm to 5:00pm


BIID | 9 Bonhill Street | London | EC2A 4PE


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  • Travelling Members / £52.00
  • General / £100.00

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Interiors magazines are full of beautifully styled interiors oozing with ambience, but what are the skills that an interior designer will require, in order to take a real-life home and turn it into a beautifully styled interior? This workshop will illuminate the trade secrets and practicalities of styling for shoots, with careful scrutiny of successful projects and a host of insider tips.


The session will be divided into three parts:  

Part 1: 

  • the value of investing in beautifully styled, professional shots, both for a designer’s own website, as well as for potential editorial use.  
  • the crucial working relationship between stylist/designer and photographer, and tips on commissioning and what to expect from a photographer
  • the practicalities of a typical day’s shoot, from what the ‘client’ should expect to the number of shots on the day

Part 2:

  • how to ‘Think like a Stylist’, examining magazine example to see what works and what doesn’t, and most importantly, why?
  • learning to create great ambience in a room and the value of the ‘right’ lighting
  • a close look at camera angles; how to create the perfect combination of shots to show off the interior to its best advantage
  • a look at ‘Perfect Accessorizing’, including what to take away from a room, and failsafe examples of room-specific essential props to add, plus examples of props tailored to ‘city' and ‘country' interiors
  • the low-down on Do’s and Don’ts of flowers, and the best flowers and foliage, plus vases to use  
  • styling tips for specifics, from bookshelves to empty spaces

Part 3:

  • what crucial ingredients are interiors magazines looking for when considering potential projects for publication?
  • how to approach a magazine with a potential project, including tips on how to do successful  ‘recce’ shots and an email pitch
  • how to choose which magazines to approach, with examples of ‘success’ stories, plus the average timeline from pitch to publication


  • A practical knowledge of working with a photographer, with tips for getting the best out of a day’s interiors shoot
  • A newly developed ‘stylist’s eye’, including how to play up the assets of a room, how to inject essential ambience, and great practical tips on styling, from must-have props to the best flowers and vases
  • A clear understanding of what magazines are looking for when picking interiors for publication, and a how-to guide on approaching publications with a new project


Professional interior designers


Judith Wilson is a London-based interiors journalist, author and lecturer.  Her work has appeared in numerous national magazines and she is a Contributing Editor for House & Garden.  She is the author of 14 books on interior design: her latest is Think Home (Ryland Peters & Small).  Her books have been published widely in the Europe and the US.


"[Judith] was excellent. The lecture was extremely informative and enjoyable. The classroom had a nice atmosphere. I am really glad I took this course." Jennifer Kraiem-Ghatam, JKG Interiors

"An interesting and stimulating session. Thank you, Judith." Anna Kalnars, BIID RegID, Infinite Design Devon

"Judith was a great presenter and covered many good points." Nicole Langmuir, Roselind Wilson Design

"This was absolutely super - Judith was friendly, extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The subject matter covered was spot-on; I learned a huge amount which I will take into my projects. Thank you for a superb session." Anne Hatton, BIID RegID, Embellishments Ltd

"Content extremely relevant, informative, interesting … really enjoyed, thank you!" Sue Reeve, Consider It Done Lifestyle Management Ltd

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