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Mia Karlsson Interior Design project

Fertility Clinic

The Brief: Investors came to us with the vision of creating an upmarket fertility clinic using the company colours as accents to  bring about a serene aesthetic. The objective was to focus on achieving a relaxed spa-like feel for each environment, whilst being mindful of a patient’s sensitivity,  and as such, move away from what would ordinarily be quite clinical and impersonal surroundings.

From the beautiful living wall in the reception area through to the earthy tones and metallic finishes, a tranquil atmosphere was key in obtaining a relaxing feel for all patients. All finishes were selected whilst respecting stringent health care regulations; from the paints, fittings, fixtures and fabrics – careful consideration was given to each materials’ durability and suitability.

The clinic’s company colours were strategically placed throughout in subtle hints through wallpapers and fabrics on accent chairs; the softer tones of greens and blues were used in patient relax rooms as well as consulting rooms to set the tone. The stronger maroon purples were reserved for the more public areas instead of overtly using signed marketing.