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Absolute Project Management project

Garden house extension, Canonbury

A young professional couple, enlisted our help with the interior design and renovation of their home after being advised of the potential complexity by a prospective builder. They had appointed an Architect who had developed designs for a ground floor extension and new layout – and secured planning permission for these changes. The plans included a spacious new kitchen, full width, minimally-framed sliding patio doors, new rooflight, and under-stair WC. This work would require relocation of the supply points for gas & electricity and significant changes to the drainage set up, as well as temporary structural support during construction.

The clients also wanted to renovate the rest of the house, which had not had much work done in the last 25 years. They had a clear idea of the design style they wanted, and wanted our support to design the detail, as well as managing this potentially complicated build.

We started by surveying the space in detail, so that we could ensure the design for the kitchen & WC allowed for comfortable use. This enabled us finalise the design of key details including the rear sliding doors and desired location of the utility supply points. With finalised layouts in place, we engaged a Structural Engineer to design the permanent support for the first floor, and a Temporary Works specialist to design the structure needed during the works.

We engaged Thames Water to consult & approve the designs for new drainage including ‘soakaway’ system and arranged the relocation of Gas & Electricity supply & meter points. We worked with Building Control to ensure the fire-safety of the open plan design of the ground floor. In designing moulding details & selecting fittings, we took particular care to ensure the that the modern extension met the original building in a way that felt integrated but also preserved the feel of the original house. We designed bespoke joinery throughout – including an under-stair drawer that made efficient use of an otherwise awkward space.

The rear of the extension is finished with London stock brick, with a generous patio in lovely terracotta coloured paving stones, and the roof has been designed with the future installation of a green-roof in mind. The result is a beautiful, light, modern home.

Project Date: June 2018 – January 2019