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  • Natasha Green
  • Tel: 01425 472000
  • Web:
  • Address:
    14 Headlands Business Park Salisbury Road Blashford,
    Ringwood BH24 3PB

CPD Courses

CPD course title: Entrance Matting Specification and Design Innovation

  • CPD Fees: £0.00

  • CPD Duration: 1 hour with questions

  • CPD Venue: Venue of your choice, at a time to suit

  • Regions: UK and Ireland

CPD overview

Learn how to specify barrier matting for your building without compromising on design. This seminar will help you to understand the following topics:

  • Entrance matting functions and benefits
  • Types of entrance matting
  • Entrance matting legislation
  • Performance ratings and life cycle
  • Design possibilities and innovation

The seminar also offers a Q and A for delegates to address their particular project issues.

Learning objectives:

  • A complete understanding of entrance matting legislation and standards.
  • How entrance matting is constructed and how the components within the system affect performance.
  • How to specify creative entrance matting solutions without compromising performance. 

This CPD can be delivered either in person or remotely, to book this CPD please call or email Natasha Green on +44 (0) 1425 472000 /