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CPD Provider Directory

KAV London

  • Malcolm Stewart
  • Tel: 020 7736 1483
  • Address:
    The Depot
    2 Michael Road Fulham
    SW6 2AD London


  • Cost: £0.00

  • Duration: 1 Hour

  • Venue: KAV London, The Depot, 2 Michael Road, London SW6 2AD

  • Regions: London

Working with Audio Visual Companies - A Designer's Insight

This CPD will give designers an introduction to the AV industry (25 minutes) followed by a good insight into the factors that should be considered when choosing an AV company (5 minutes). It ends with common pitfalls (5 minutes) and then questions/case study (20 minutes). This CPD is most beneficial to designers as we are able to demonstrate the different technologies during and after the CPD. Visit to view upcoming dates for this CPD.