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Koubou Interiors project

Living Room, Private Residence, Berkshire

The existing room was dated with a mock Adam fireplace, swags and tails and chintz fabric. The client wanted a modern contemporary feel to include a new fireplace, future proofing and new doors to the garden. There were many antique pieces of porcelain that the client wanted brought into the scheme but not particularly to be on show all the time.

New bi-fold doors were installed to the back of the room and the existing fireplace removed. A gas fire was constructed using a false wall which also housed a lot of the cabling for the Audio/Visual requirements. A TV lift was built into the false wall so that when the TV was not required the TV could be hidden behind a piece of art. All of the furniture was bespoke so that the porcelain could be ‘hidden’ behind tinted glass and would only be seen when the lighting came on in the cabinets depending on the combination of lighting ‘scene’ programmed into the AV. The rug was commissioned to reflect the design of the artwork on the TV lift which was painted by a local artist.