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The Furniture Artists Collective project

Member: Thirteen Furniture


Jennifer Parkinson, Thirteen Furniture, Bolton, Lancashire

I'm Jennifer, and I'm based in Bolton, Lancashire. I restore vintage furniture from my independent furniture and home decor shop. I'm very much a lone wolf, and you'll usually find me hidden in the back, working on something new!

I love all things steeped in history with a story to tell. Over the past decade, I've restored all sorts of pieces, but my true love lies with Art Deco Furniture.

As I work, I find myself lost in daydreams of glamorous gowns that might have hung in the wardrobes or an elegant lady dressed in her finery, fixing her hair at the mirror of a dressing table. These romantic ideas fuel the inspiration behind my pieces.

Dark, muted colours, in tune with the Art Deco style, are my go-to palette, often paired with dazzling metallics and rich exotic woods.

There's just something so satisfying in stripping back aged brown varnish, revealing the hidden wood grain, and bringing it back to its full glory with modern oils and waxes.

My work brings vintage glamour and charm to modern homes and champions an environmentally friendly ethos. There's a wonderful sense of achievement in rescuing forgotten pieces and holding onto history and craftsmanship that might otherwise be lost.

I thrive on letting my creativity flow with pieces I've found and embrace projects with customers' furniture. Working closely with my customers, I bring their ideas to life, crafting unique pieces from family heirlooms and forgotten treasures.

I look forward to a future of continuing to work on beautiful furniture, being just a small part of their story. I wake up every morning brimming with ideas and can't wait to pick up my brushes. I'm genuinely grateful to be able to do what I love.

Thirteen Furniture - Lancashire