Christopher Dezille Honky Design Ltd

One Tower Bridge, London

Residing on one of the last great riverside sites in London, One Tower Bridge provides access to a full range of cultural landmarks. Just moments from the City, it offers the ultimate in 5-star luxury living experiences in one of the most exciting cities in the world.  Occupying a prime position on London’s South Bank, between three of the city’s most iconic attractions, Tower Bridge, the River Thames and the Tower of London. It is an exceptional new development of contemporary residencies, thoughtfully designed and luxuriously appointed throughout.

The target market for this development property is a city professional with a very British sense of brand, with a nod to the traditional.  With that in mind, we wanted our design approach to demonstrate rich and sumptuous FF&E, whilst being independent and unique. 

The brief was to create an interior space that would be luxurious, timeless and make the most of the beautiful views along the Thames. Honky used a blend of classical style and graphic detailed accents. Each a nod to the past the present and future design of the South Bank.  Modern and classical materials and techniques were perfectly balanced to ensure a tranquil and serene interior.

The starting point of any design process is firstly to look at the buildings architecture.  Honky always looks to create interiors, which seamlessly dovetail the exterior and interior architecture. At One Tower Bridge, given its iconic location which is steeped in history, and knitted into the very fabric of London it was critical to ensure the finished design evoked elegant simplicity, utilising careful and considered construction technics so it would sit comfortably amongst its iconic neighbours.

Upon arrival at Cambridge House, you are immediately engulfed by a sense of privacy and calm, the same atmosphere of that of a 5* hotel. It was pivotal for us that we carried this through the design of the interior.  In order to emphasise the view and create a sense of grandeur in the entrance Honky combined antique mirror with upholstered panels. One of many striking features in the apartment. 

In the Master bedrooms rich toned timber panelling was used to provide a deep base colour, which was over layered with a luxurious selection of fabrics to complete the sophisticated design.  The overall feel of the space is overtly masculine. This was balanced with the addition of soft furnishings and thoughtfully placed lighting.

In contrast to this the treatment of the second suite was more playful, drawing on inspiration from the strong architectural details of the building’s exterior. The multi layered geometric mirror design of isometric triangles took inspiration from the theory of maths and Islamic art and design technics.

The subtle use of reflective finishes in both polished and spun finishes, and accents of “Qunik” blue enrich and lift the tonal base notes of the colour palette, culminating in a considered seductive interior.  The result was a truly unique, striking and contemporary statement; something Honky continually strives to bring to each project.

vb437118_25130_bed1 ens.jpg