Dee Gibson Velvet Orange Ltd

Clapham Extension

This client was referred to us and was looking to create a welcoming, warm and quiet haven away from the hub bub of Clapham. At the time, a single lady with a busy, high flying City job with a lot of travelling - her priority was to ensure she felt secure in her home and could walk through the door and immediately feel relaxed, cosseted and "home".

We extended the kitchen and installed a brand new bespoke one crafted from zebrano wood using one of our artisans. She regularly entertained and wanted to be able to welcome guests in both intimate and more grand settings. The whole house was decorated and refurbished from top to bottom and the style is sumptuous with just the right amount of restraint in order to make it feel use-able.

She now lives in this gorgeous property with her long term partner and the space works well for both of them - it has served it's purpose and has expanded with her own circumstances.

Here is what he said about us:

"Velvet orange is so much more than interior design. My work lasted 6 months. I felt that my personality and taste were core to the design complemented by Dee's vision, expertise and advice. 

She made me so much bolder than I would have been myself. 

During the whole process - which let's face is always going to be stressful, she was always there thinking about and explaining the next steps. 

I love the result - bright, colourful, and very very me...."