Elisabeth Denny Margaret Sheridan Interior Decoration and Design

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Elisabeth Denny Margaret Sheridan Interior Decoration and Design

Elisabeth Denny
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The Workrooms
Gurney's Manor
United Kingdom


Libby Denny started her business Margaret Sheridan in 1967 and has been involved in the decoration of private houses, restaurants, and boardrooms ever since.

She specialises in traditional English country house design, and is particularly knowledgeable about eighteenth and early nineteenth century detailing, butis alsoinvolved in designing contemporary rooms within period houses. She feels it important to ensure that all work is of a very high standard, and so oversees her own workrooms and designs upholstered furniture to suit individual applications (also made in house) and items from bedheads to table mats, bookshelves to lampshades.

She has at her disposal the services of a team of talented craftsmen and women. Libby works out of a showroom in rural Norfolk, but is happy to travel anywhere. She particularly likes to work with a client, creating a house for living in, or a family home, and will spend many hours researching until the right feel is achieved.

Over 40 years in the business means that she has a wealth of experience to draw on, an enormous range of samples to work with, and the confidence to put ideas into practice which she knows will work. She is very aware of the need (especially for clients outside London) to help with items only available from specialist suppliers, such as contemporary bathroom fittings. architectural hardware, decorative and functional lighting, specially woven trimmings and traditional paints and finishes.

She particularly enjoys projects that involve liaising between architect and private client in the initial planning stage of new buildings and conversions, and finds that clients are grateful for her help in understanding the technicalities of architectural drawings and in making detailed decisions that they will not regret later.

Above all she is always happy to advise on the smallest job, such as a single pair of curtains or the reupholstery of a favourite chair.

Areas of work

  • Full interior design service
  • Residential