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Fabien Gueret Warret & Jullion

Fabien Gueret
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Fabien is the founder of Warret & Jullion, an interior design studio focused on architectural values and state of the art technology since 2008. This successful venture follows a career in banking.

Fabien's core design belief is that happiness can be achieved if we allow ourselves to dream of better things whilst remaining firmly grounded in reality. To this end he is strongly inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi. Wabi sabi is the welcoming of transience and imperfection in our lives.

Fabien focuses primarily on his customers' self-confidence. He believes that increasing their self-confidence will insure his clients' happiness on which scale his success is measured. This is his main objective when designing interiors.

Fabien thrives to have the mental flexibility and humility to get into his clients' shoes embracing their personal stories, tastes, anxieties without judgment of value. He also ensures that the clients are truly involved so as to make the resulting design their own.

Beyond aesthetics, Fabien is coming from an engineering and mathematical background. Functionality, safety and adequacy cannot be compromised. He will research or devise solutions to that end using the latest techniques and the best craftsmanship.

Born in Burgundy, France within a creative family. Studied Engineering in Paris. Lived and worked in Chicago, Tokyo, Montreal and London.

Areas of work

  • Concept design/feasibility study
  • Full interior design service
  • Furniture, fittings and equipment supply
  • Residential
  • Turnkey operations