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Jayne Webb Southover Design

Jayne Webb
Tel: 01342 833600

Southover House
Camden Road
United Kingdom


I run Southover Design, a well established innovative interior design and home renovation consultancy operating in the Surrey, Sussex and Kent areas.

I take interior design right back to basics. From the beginning I encourage you to look at the essential structure of your property, before considering styles, colour schemes and furnishings.

Whether your tastes are traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, I aim to work in partnership with you to develop a living space specifically designed for your particular lifestyle. You might have lots of interior design ideas but no time, or you may have loads of time, but few ideas. Either way I can steer you through the myriad of choices available when designing your home.

I start by getting to know you. You and your family’s likes, dislikes and even your pets and pastimes. I ask for your views on your home and the aspirations you have for its future. Above all, I look very closely at your house as it is at present.

Could space be maximised by moving a particular wall? Is re-wiring urgently required? Do the walls need re-plastering? I will assess this together with the usual interior design aspects of styles, colour, lighting, soft furnishings, flooring and furniture. Perhaps, most importantly of all, I will discuss your budget openly and honestly, right from the start.

When funds are tight I often act only as a designer and adviser, or I prioritise work to suit your budget. I can spare you from costly ‘design disasters’ and numerous paint tester pots in the wrong shade, simply by showing you how to optimise the available space in terms of colour, lighting and furnishings.

It is not my job to impose my taste on you. I interpret your ideas, and guide you so that the finished design of a room is exactly as you would want it to be if you had known what you wanted! I firmly believe that your home should be a reflection on you and your personality and lifestyle. Not something copied from the pages of a glossy magazine.

And finally… Not all interior designers waft around in leather trousers calling everyone ‘darling’. I am a down to earth professional committed to exceeding the expectations of my clients.


Areas of work

  • Concept design/feasibility study
  • Full interior design service
  • Residential
  • Turnkey operations