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Bedford Park - listed property

Our client purchased this house in London’s desirable Bedford Park, a conservation area. Most buildings in the area are designed by the famous architect Richard Norman Shaw who started work on the Arts and Crafts style houses in 1877. The area was immediately successful due to the great variety achieved while employing a limited number of house types. It is a delightful and leafy area, a few tube stops away from Central London.

The house was slightly run down and in need of complete refurbishment. The client also required an additional bedroom which could only be accommodated within a new loft extension, as well as a small extension to their kitchen. All changes were challenging to achieve due to the restrictions imposed by the listing; however, in collaboration with the architect, we were able to obtain permission for slight additions and changes such as a bay window in the kitchen, a small number of judiciously selected recessed LED lights, new bathrooms and the perfect loft extension, which made all the difference to the client’s requirements. 

We selected paint colours, carpets and fabric patterns in muted colours and designs sympathetic to the Arts and Crafts feel of the house. The built-in wardrobes are a pure and pleasing design. The end-result is a charming, calm and livable scheme achieved within a sensible budget and completed within seven months of the house purchase.

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