Kia Stanford Kia Designs

Notting Hill apartment

Kia Designs transformed a 2 bedroom penthouse in the vibrant heart of Notting Hill from an empty shell into an ultra contemporary home that blurs the lines between art and functionality.

A boxy corridor, multiple doors and a dark passageway between the kitchen and living room were demolished to create a large open plan space, ideal for entertaining but also allowing the kitchen much needed access to the large windows and surplus light available in the living room. The artistic client required an island for buffet style entertaining, but in essence wanted a kitchen that didn’t look like a kitchen, but added extra “wow factor” to the space and looked at home amongst her striking art pieces. Extra, handleless storage was added to maintain a minimalist look, keeping the lines neat, the focus on the art and the area free of clutter. The rounded Corian table top helped soften the sharp lines and the under cabinet lighting lifts the space and floods light into every corner. Double doors to the room provide the requisite “wow” unveil.

The ultra modern design continues in the master bedroom. The floating bed is both futuristic and playful, whilst creating an airy and open look. The asymmetry and unpredictability of the cupboards looks right at home alongside the client’s fine art collection and provides ample bedroom storage. The minimalist nature of the room and the use of cool colour tones keep the space restful and tranquil, worlds away from the colour and excitement outside the front door.