Rosie Winston Clifton Interiors

Hampstead Hill Apartment

A total overhaul of the apartment was required to modernise the space and to address the homeowner’s frustration at the lack of storage. Our overriding objective was to future-proof the flat and establish a refined interior to allow for both work and social entertaining.

To achieve this a scheme was developed to utilise the existing space, with minimal structural alteration. New flooring was chosen to run seamlessly between the rooms, encouraging interaction between the spaces, and bespoke joinery was designed and introduced to key areas, maximising storage in the bedrooms, living area, kitchen and study.

Existing furniture was reinvented and existing fittings recycled, where possible, creating a classic and sophisticated series of spaces, with neutral tones running throughout. The interior palette is enriched with specialist plaster finish and punctuated by the owner’s extensive art collection.

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