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Koubou Interiors project

NHS Outpatients Department, Surrey

Koubou Interiors was approached by the Facilities Manager on behalf of the CEO of the NHS Trust who had recently visited the Mayo clinics in America and wanted to bring some of that innovation to the UK. The Trust needed to refurbish their Outpatients Department which had not had any work done on it since being built in the 1970s. The space was dark and depressing. By consulting with the staff and gaining feedback from the patients we were able to come up with a design that was well received. One of the innovations we introduced was to install architectural glass in panels over the doors to the consulting rooms to bring light into the waiting areas and to make the environment much more pleasant to sit in, especially as waiting times can be long.

Designing the flooring to give a distinct pathway and seating area, helps in way finding for the patient. The furniture was specifically designed for the area for use by all patients including Bariatric, he chairs were weighted so that they could not be easily lifted above the head, therefore making them difficult to use as a weapon or to cause damage.