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Absolute Project Management project

Renovation of compact 2 bed flat, St John’s Wood

This 2-bed flat benefits from a great location, good sized main bedroom and lovely light, but suffered from limited space and storage, tired finishes, and impractical plumbing & central heating.

Our client wanted to optimise the layout, improve sound insulation and temperature control, increase storage space, and update the finishes throughout. In particular, he wanted to improve the layout and style of the cramped and impractical bathroom and to modernise the kitchen. We designed, planned and managed improvements to make the flat more convenient to use, safer, quieter and easier to maintain. This included new double-glazed windows, a misting system in the open plan living space to comply with fire regs, and new thermostatic valves on the radiators.

We removed a dated glass-brick wall separating the kitchen area from the lounge, and designed a kitchen with a two sided peninsular. This made the kitchen look and feel more spacious, while keeping a separation from the lounge area, and using the entire peninsula area to accommodate appliances and storage. The rich green cabinet doors and decorative splashback make the kitchen a beautiful feature. We painstakingly designed bespoke joinery throughout to fit exactly into the available spaces, with space-saving features including ‘tip-out’ shoe storage and a pull-out ironing board hidden in a wardrobe. The open-shelving unit by the door creates an entryway, with space for post and keys, as well as creating a subtle separation between the living space and the door.  

In the bathroom, we worked with the contractor to carefully move pipework including the soil pipe to minimise boxing, and gain crucial sqm. We replaced the bath with a walk-in shower, repositioned the WC, added recessed storage and fitted a pocket door – significantly increasing the usable space in the room. To keep the space bright and maximise the sense of space, we kept colours throughout light, with touches of luxury added by the bespoke velvet curtains, beautiful light fittings, and new parquet floor with brass inlay throughout. The resulting flat is a welcoming, practical and luxurious.

Project Date: October 2019 – June 2020