Following work to their London flat, the clients engaged us to design and undertake a large renovation of their main home near Aylesbury. The detached property was in need of drastic renovation to rationalise the plan and improve the quality of fittings, finishes and appliances throughout. The clients were keen to invest in renewable technologies and where practical reduce the energy consumption within the house so we enlisted the help of a specialist consultant early on in the process- to work out what would best suit the house, the area and the clients’ needs.

To improve performance, insulation was fitted throughout the house both internally and externally and the windows and doors were replaced throughout with good quality double glazed panels. The large south facing sliding doors were solar treated to reduce solar gains in the summer. The result is that the house retains warmth in the winter but also stays cool in the summer. We added new vents in key locations to ensure air flow remained good throughout the house, considering heat exchangers where appropriate/ required.
For renewables, we organised and installed: photovoltaic panels to the front central roof, which generate electricity for the house and an electric car charging point in the garage, an Air Source Heat Pump, connected to new low heat under floor heating (UFH) and cooling throughout the GF of the house. Slim wood effect tiles were fitted on top, to ensure the UFH and cooling system would work as efficiently as possible. All are smart controlled for efficient and easy use.

We engaged an architect and worked with them to redesign elements of the house and get the appropriate permissions in place for the works. This included replacing the porch with an enclosed modern entrance which provided separation between the entrance and living space- again improving heat control. We removed the dividing wall between the kitchen and dining, then raised the dining room ceiling- making space for large sliding doors which show off the wonderful views.

Inside we redesigned and replaced the spiral staircase into a more practical solid set of stairs running from the basement to the mezzanine office area. To enhance the sense of space and improve natural light in the basement, we added a rooflight in the lounge floor and used glass balustrades throughout. We also significantly widened the stairs between the kitchen and dining, carving out a dedicated ‘dog bed’ area to the left where the ceiling height was lower. The curved walls of the sleeping areas were rearranged and a large hallway cupboard added to house new machinery and for storage.

Throughout the house we installed mechanised blinds and smart Lutron lighting- allowing the clients to set scenes with one button at the light switches or from their phones remotely. The bathrooms included low water usage WC’s and high quality fittings throughout. The bedrooms include bespoke joinery with carefully designed, multi use storage inside and a thermostat per bedroom and bathroom- so spaces are only heated above the base temperature when required.

The kitchen includes plenty of full height storage at the back, including a larder style drinks station with sink and Quooker tap. The island provides plenty of worktop space and an informal dining area, with a lowered ceiling above which has directional lighting and a ceiling mounted extractor. The lowered ceiling space also doubles up as a storage area with drop down ladder access by the stairs.

Outside we replaced the deteriorating decking with more durable pavers, and added railings to improve safety and make it easier for the clients’ older relatives to access. The front mechanical gates into the drive were also replaced and side gates to keep the dog in were added. The clients moved in in Summer 2021 with their lovely Airedale dog Dudley, who like his owners- loves his new home!

Project Date: 2020 - 2021