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Selectaglaze Limited

  • Zoe Williams
  • Tel: 01727 837271
  • Address:
    Alban Park
    Hatfield Road St Albans
    AL4 0JJ


  • Cost: £0.00

  • Duration: 45 Minutes

  • Venue: Designer Offices by Appointment

  • Regions: London & South East

Designing professional secondary glazing solutions for enhancing thermal performance, acoustics and security

This CPD covers a range of topics to help effectively specify secondary glazing to enhance the environment in Listed and heritage buildings

Learning objectives:

1.To give an overview of how secondary glazing can be used to provide thermal enhancements, noise reductions and added security

2.Give examples of the types of buildings and ways in which it can be used, to meet both aesthetic and functional needs

3.Highlight the performance capabilities and applicable standards for secondary glazing

4.Understand the design features of secondary glazing ranges and their performance.


  • Cost: £0.00

  • Duration: Duration 3 hours (Over a morning period concluding with a light lunch provided by Selectaglaze)

  • Venue: Selectaglaze, Alban Park, Hatfield Road, St Albans, AL4 0JJ

Factory Tour

This factory tour and CPD aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the benefits, design and manufacture of bespoke secondary glazing. The CPD will put the manufacturing process into context, with the final part of the tour ending in the showroom to look at the final products in situ. It should also give more confidence in specifying secondary glazing, after seeing the quality processes in the manufacturing stages to ensure that the end product meets the required performance levels, whilst integrating sympathetically with all the other building elements.