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Jam By Hedayat Ltd project

Sheikh Zayed Townhouse

The owner of this private residence is a boat lover and builder of super yachts for clients around the world. His passion for boats and the outdoors was the main design inspiration and the concepts of openness, large spaces and transparency were the main design factors. 

The interiors are light and airy, with an open plan layout that merges the main reception space with the kitchen and dining areas. The use of transparent materials throughout the house give a sense of continuity and maintain an airy flow to the house, with the main staircase acting as a transparent glass cage with glass walls and handrails, marble treads and wooden risers. To further reinforce the boat-like design elements, the main shading structures were designed as suspended steel canopies, while the landscaping features a linear swimming pool with a suspended teak wooden deck and wooden pergola.