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Mike Hughes
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(Geek-Speak-Free) Home Technology for humans.

Love it or loathe it, all of our homes are touched by technology.

But with access to the right knowledge and experience, and someone to explain things in an easy to understand way, everyone can have outstanding home technology.

Consider it Done can provide best-in-class home internet, home office, lighting, security, Wi-Fi, TV, poolside entertainment, cinema and music, and all that is connected to it.

Solutions are designed for the specific needs of the interior, with cabling hidden and equipment concealed for a seamless and undetectable finish. Simplicity at the point of use is key: we believe that home technology should be for humans not technicians.

We also believe that the best technology isn't necessarily the most expensive.

We will consult, advise, and agree a solution that you and your clients are happy with, then supply and install it, overseeing every last detail.

By engaging us early in the project, we can maximise opportunities to hide cables and equipment. Speakers can be hidden behind plaster work; TVs housed within numerous different hidden mechanisms.

We can work as part of the wider the project team, communicate with you throughout and co-ordinate our work with other key programme milestones

Once the solution is installed, we then make sure your clients know how to use it, and stay on hand until they become better acquainted with it so that they can fully immerse in the experience.

If you’d like to explore technology solutions for your upcoming project, please be invited to contact Mike Hughes: | 07900 447351

Consider it Done. Dependable answers to all the tricky bits.

Areas of work

  • Audio visual installers
  • Lighting designers
  • Security
  • Lights, lamps and chandeliers
  • Outdoor lighting