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Graham Heeley Studios

Graham Heeley
Tel: 01403 790 250

Southwing, Shiprods Farm
Bashurst Hill
Itchingfield, Horsham
West Sussex
RH13 0PD
United Kingdom


Graham Heeley has extensive experience producing pieces in the fine and decorative arts. Since 1990 Graham has been the creator of choice for high value commissions and projects amongst a certain set of clients, design companies and art dealers. His work has been shipped world wide.

He has developed an instinctive appreciation for art and design with an inate artistry for draughtsmanship and an almost effortless skill to make any form that comes to mind. He has built on abilities as a sculptor, architectural carver and fine art restorer.

A member of the Master Carvers Association.

Graham has a vast portfolio and you will find any conversation with him about commissions and projects an open and stimulating creative experience.

Previous works created for : Science Museum London, Westminster Palace, Tower of London, foyer of Daily Express building Fleet Street, Bank of England amongst many more.

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Areas of work

  • Artists and muralists
  • Cabinet makers, joiners and furniture restorers
  • Decorative finishes and marquetry
  • Mouldings and architrave
  • Stone, granite and marble
  • Domestic furniture and fittings
  • Other furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Mirrors and frames
  • Garden and outdoor furniture