Ledz Lighting Science Ltd

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Ledz Lighting Science Ltd

Ian Bibby
Tel: 01767 319031

175-185 Grays Inn Road
United Kingdom


Ledz Lighting Science Ltd a Company established by Artist Designer and Educator Ian Bibby. The company is well known for its research and development of forward thinking lighting solutions and whilst having a "product range" also develops and manufactures bespoke solutions in the UK.

The Company has an inrivalled reputation for delivering innovative solutions for buildings, companies and homes with a focus on providing highly efficient and practical light sources. We think that our forward research and development now allows discerning clients, architects, designers and fabricators an advanced solution that creates very efficient light and allows the use of creative lighting without the weight of an eco concience.

LED has now earned a key place in the language of light and enables a new approach to lighting design and problem solving bringing innovation once more to lighting.

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Areas of work

  • Lights, lamps and chandeliers
  • Outdoor lighting