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As pioneers in developing award-winning office product and furniture solutions, and with almost 100 years of manufacturing expertise, LUCTRA® is the award winning human centric lighting range from DURABLE. Featuring modern design and expert craftmanship, LUCTRA® can provide a totally unique lighting experience for its users and is scientifically proven to have an effect on our biological rhythms.

Researched, designed and manufactured at our factory in Germany using the highest grade of materials, LUCTRA® can almost completely replicate the colour spectrum of sunlight at a kelvin range between 2,700 and 6,500 and provide market leading illuminance of 1,000 lux via state-of-the-art LED technology.

The range consists of table, floor and cordless lamps that can compliment any interior with a choice of four colour finishes and two lamp head designs. The built environment is increasingly being designed to ensure that people are exposed to natural daylight or biologically effective light that can imitate the changes in sunlight throughout the day. LUCTRA® meets these needs via its exclusive VITACORE® electronics, a sleek and unobtrusive user interface that only becomes visible when it is touched, to expose the user to a close replica of natural daylight which can be adjusted through the course of the day. An app has also been developed to automatically change chosen light settings which can be stored and used on various models in the range giving the user total freedom to control their own individual lighting settings. Initiatives such as the WELL® Building Standard have recently been introduced to measure the performance of buildings against some crucial factors that effect human health, including light.

The multi-award winning range has achieved accolades from Red Dot, Interior Innovation, Good Design and German Design. We are proud to offer the first workplace lamp to have scientific evidence of its biological effect, to create an ambience that caters for our basic individual needs, including stabilising our body clock, ensuring we can sleep well and feel more rested when carrying out our daily tasks.

The latest scientific research is available to view at and is endorsed by Dr. Dieter Kunz, an expert in the importance of light for health.


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