NV Integration

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NV Integration

Pip Evans
Tel: 0207 205 2325

Grosvenor Waterside
Gatliff Road

United Kingdom


NV Integration is a smart home technology company
based in Belgravia. We pride ourselves on discreetly integrating technology
into our client’s homes so that it is present, while not detracting from the
design of the property. 

firmly believe that no matter how intricate or complicated each system is the
user interaction must be inherently simple, robust and easy to use.

We also work very hard to be ‘design
conscious’ and are always looking for solutions that are considerate towards,
or completely invisible from the spaces designers create. Our Belgravia
showroom is there to demonstrate this to clients and fellow design
professionals. It is designed to show what we do, how, and why we do it. 
It is not just a showroom but designed as a space to come and use various
systems and give ideas for projects, as you would experience them in a
real-world residential setting.

2017 NV Integration won CEDIA's most coveted award "Best Integrated
Home" for a project completed in Southeast Asia. In the same year we also
won "Technology Meets Design" and "Best Home Cinema".

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Areas of work

  • Audio visual installers
  • Construction, build and fit-out
  • Other contractors and specialists
  • Blinds
  • Window films
  • Domestic appliances
  • Noise Control and Acoustics
  • Lighting Controls
  • Switch Plates & Sockets