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A little about The Wooden Floor Store

We offer more than the average flooring company - We carry a wide range of solid woods, engineered boards, laminates, solid wall panels and vinyl planks, all under the same roof making us the ideal one stop shop, for every hard flooring needs, We also supply a large range of flooring accessories that we can colour match to your floor.

We focus on our own brands of wooden flooring and offering customers niche products many of which are totally unique to us and have taken years to develop through visiting all of our manufacturing partners including forest owners, ply wood factories, paper companies, producers etc. We are involved at every stage of the production process from specifying, species, texture, finish, width, thickness and length. In terms of the hundreds of wooden flooring types (including laminate, solid and engineered woods) that we offer we believe no other firm in the country to offer the same level of choice on many occasion quite literally off the shelf; we stock 10s of 1000s of square metres.

The majority of what we offer is bought direct from the manufacturer meaning we cannot be beaten on price for these products. As importers of our own brand products we have hundreds of cutting edge floors exclusive only to us and on trend ahead of the competition.

We're a group of professionals who are passionate about flooring. Our friendly staff have been highly trained and have a vast range of knowledge when it comes to assisting our customers. If you have any questions, please just give us a call!

Wooden Floor Store
We know that selecting a floor is a big commitment and so our aim is to use our knowledge and expertise to help match you with your dream floor. Our products are not machine mass produced, as we believe personal care should be lavished on each individual floor. We care about our customers’ happiness and so our team of skilled artisans painstakingly craft treat each plank of wood. We will only supply flooring we are proud of. In fact, we care that much that we exclusively offer eight coats of finish – so that your floor will not only look fantastic but will also be durable and hard wearing.
When we meet customer, we want to help them select a quality floor that will become a steadfast in their home. From the budding professional settling into their first home, the young family that is ever growing, to the couple who are enjoying their golden years; we want our floors to grow and evolve with you.
When it comes to The Wooden Floor Store, the clue is in our name; wooden floors. They are our passion. So, let us help you find your perfect flooring match for a relationship that will last a lifetime.
In Northern Ireland we trade as The Wooden Floor Company and throughout the rest of the UK we trade as The Wooden Floor Store.

Personality of Finish
All our real wood products come pre-finished, meaning they are ready to be fitted out of the box and can be walked on without further treatment. These boards come in a variety of finishes including matt, satin, gloss, stained, brushed and hand-scraped lacquered or oiled.
A professional pre-finish is easier to maintain and also allows you to fully appreciate the natural beauty and feel of a real wood floor.

Wood Engineering
Today’s interiors demand a high performance floor. Whilst technology has allowed us to heat our homes in different ways, creative flooring solutions are needed to ensure that these perfectly complement such advances.
Engineered flooring, unlike solid wooden flooring, is designed to work effectively with underfloor heating. The multi-layer base means the floors are stronger and more stable, ensuring greatly reduced movement.
Engineered flooring affords stunning looks with the benefits of being able to sand and refinish your floor a number of times, should damage occur. Our stunning collection of engineered wood options are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. From something traditional, such as our Stockholm Oak, to something distinct, such as our Herringbone Brushed Oak, you are sure to find the perfect centrepiece for any space.

It is the natural features and characteristics of the wood that determine the grade. Our own grading criteria exceeds the industry standards – each plank is hand selected by the size and frequency of knots, cracks and other natural features.
Select – Includes small to medium sized knots and very small cracks. No sapwood.
Natural – The fullest expression of the wood form with naturally occurring knots and cracks. Occasional sapwood.

Formats and Sizes
We have two formats. Random lengths, usually minimum 300mm to a maximum of 1200mm in length. Then fixed lengths, majority 1800mm – 2200mm in length, depending on each individual product.
Planks are available in widths from 125mm up to 260mm wide.
Parquet Collection is available in herringbone, chevron, strips and borders, fully tongued and grooved on all four edges, prefinished and engineered. This gives the ultimate in design and function. A beautiful practical floor for life.

Treatment and Finishes
The unique grain and texture of natural wood creates a material of unparalleled beauty. Our range of specialist treatments and finishes allow for the natural form of each plank to be preserved and enhanced, truly exposing the natural allure of wood.
Brushed – A bespoke level of brushing with special equipment, that opens the grain to reveal more of the wood’s natural form and texture.
Distressed – Hand crafted by artisans to give the wood a patina effect. Can be hand scraped depending on product and often appears old/worn.
Smoked/Fumed – A treatment that darkens the oak, highlighting the natural knots and cracks.
Oiled of lacquered and applied with the latest technology, the product is finished and protected, ensuring high performance standings of a durability, water resistance and stain protection.
Matt UV – Matt lacquer, applied and cured 8 time with UV technology, providing a high performance, durable finish.
Natural Oil – High quality oil that provides the most natural finish to the selected colour.
Unfinished – It is possible to order the flooring pre-sanded but unfinished allowing you to finish the floor to your exact specification onsite.

Bespoke Design
When we design a floor, we always remember that a floor is for life. For living on, for dreaming on, for dancing on. A floor is for building toy forts on and having midnight picnics on. Its for kissing on, laughing on and hugging on. A wooden floor is beautiful…life is beautiful.
Flooring can transform any room, no matter how big or small and so we believe we can never offer our customers’ too much choice. In store you will find an extensive selection of flooring in a vast range of styles and finishes, suitable for any project. If however, you are unable to find a floor that ticks all the right boxes for you, we also offer a bespoke design service so that you can commission a floor to your own personal specifications. You can select to colour, size, format and finish you desire, so that the finished product will perfectly match your needs; the power really is in your hands. Our team is so good that we can even replicate you might have seen available from a ‘big brand’ manufacturer, but at a lower cost.

Responsibility and Sustainability

It’s this expertise that helps us to know what our customers want. We operate from multiple locations across the UK and our combined 42,000 square foot warehouse means we have plenty of stock ready to go.

This level of commitment gives us our EU Timber Regulation March 2013 Compliant status and gives us complete control over the sustainability of the timber: wherein we can trace every plank of wood back to the forest.

When it comes to wooden floors we care as much about where the wood comes from as we do the finished product. The environment is a priority for us and that is why our experienced team employ an ethos of integrity, ensuring that all products are produced from sustainable forests. We fully support the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), which declares it us unlawful to place illegally harvested timber and products on the EU market.

Other Locations

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