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When Friedrich Hahne and Christian Wilkening founded Wilkhahn in the north of Germany in 1907, they couldn’t have guessed that it would one day be one of the most internationally famous office furniture manufacturers and that many items of Wilkhahn furniture would write design history.

With their unbending desire for quality in terms of materials and craftsmanship, they laid the cornerstone for today’s leadership in the premium office and conference furniture segment. The successors to the family-run company turned Wilkhahn into a pioneer of German industrial design and tapped into international markets as a result: with new materials and a typical design language constantly evolving. They fostered corporate culture that included ethical dimensions of design very early on: fairness and ecological responsibility made Wilkhahn a multi-award-winning pioneer in this respect too.

These characteristics manifest themselves in the architecture of the plant’s buildings that were designed by Frei Otto and Thomas Herzog and others. They are reflected in the way people interact, which is all about working with and for people. And they’re apparent in the furniture that provides enduring responses to relevant issues about the future.

During its history Wilkhahn has created many milestones in office design. It’s removed the complexity from seating (FS and Modus Office chairs), come up with portable folding tables (Confair and Timetables) for dynamic conferences or synchronously supporting 3D dynamic sitting with its Trimension® technology (ON and IN and now the AT Office Chairs).

Today Wilkhahn specialises in three main areas in the modern office: firstly a diverse range of office chairs. Secondly, table solutions for meeting room, seminar and project space. Thirdly, attractive furniture for break out areas that encourage people to meet and talk. Wilkhahn operates on a truly global basis with showrooms in Europe, U.S.A., Middle East and the Far East. It employs over 460 people worldwide and has a yearly turnover approaching 100 million Euros.

Areas of work

  • Commercial/contract furniture and fittings