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Ziva Home

Sonal Dhadphale
Tel: 07748 653 566

13 Harbour Reach
Imperial Wharf
United Kingdom


Based in London, Ziva Home ( specialises in supplying 100% handmade cotton Indian rugs, dhurries, catering to both the residential and commercial markets.

These beautiful, high-end and distinct flatweaves curated from natural materials, are made with utmost dedication by the artisans in India using ancient traditions passed down through the generations. The vibrant colours and striking designs enable the understated dhurrie to enlighten any chosen space and become the focal point.

Founded by British Indians with a deep insight into the needs of both markets, our aim is to reflect the rich heritage of India into British homes.

Ziva Home's purpose is based on three core values:
• Working with a “loom-to-room” philosophy, we ensure that a fair price is achieved for both the artisan and buyer, without compromising on quality of product or service.
• Provide all buyers with a professional service regardless of scale.
• To ensure sustainability in the villages where the art originates from by preserving tradition and craft.

In stock, we have the “off-the-loom” dhurries as showcased on our website. We can also work with you to create a bespoke dhurrie to suit a style and size of your choice, using a plethora of colours, patterns and shapes. Working side by side with our clients, big and small, we will help find the perfect dhurrie for your project.


Areas of work

  • Carpets, matting and rugs