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Claire Gaudion


Rugs and home furnishings in colours and textures inspired by nature, for wellbeing and happiness at home.

Claire Gaudion is an artisan textile design company creating rugs, fabrics and home furnishings, inspired by nature. We create ready-made rugs, fabrics, cushions and throws, as well as custom rugs for both residential and commercial projects.

Bringing nature-inspired colours and patterns into your home embraces a biophilic approach to design. Nature's array of multi-sensory elements intrinsically connect us to the natural world and support our wellbeing - from greenery and fresh air, to nature's colours, patterns and diverse, layered textures. There is increasing scientific evidence that the colour, patterns and textures that we surround ourselves with can positively benefit our wellbeing and happiness at home. This exploration of biomimicry and biophilic design is rooted in our design process.

We believe in human-centred design, authentic craftsmanship, sustainability and exquisite quality. Our business has grown out of a love of artisan textiles, craftsmanship and nature. Creating things that can be treasured for years ahead. These core values remain central to our mission and our collections have grown to reflect what our customers want for their homes, including a custom design service for rugs so that people can work with us to re-colour, or tweak designs, to meet their needs.

Our overall design focus is on individual experience. Our homes are stories of our lives, and the things we choose to decorate them with should reflect our personal preferences and values, and these include elements of colour, pattern and texture as well as provenance and sustainability.