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Gregory Phillips

Gregory Phillips Interiors



Gregory Phillips is both an award-winning interior designer and a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. He has been running his own architecture and design company for over 20 years. Gregory specializes in designing modern luxury houses and interiors. His work includes designing new houses as well as extending and remodelling existing buildings.

The practice has earned a widespread reputation for the high calibre of its work generating extensive coverage in the national media. Many of Gregory' s clients are leaders in their field in the arts, design, fashion and film industry, and in the business world. Gregory accepts commissions both within England and overseas.

His projects are elegant and comfortable. Stone, leather and wood are all used in a wide range of beautiful and luxurious finishes to create an understated richness or calm simplicity depending on requirements.

Gregory has designed exclusive new homes for many eminent clients ranging from city homes to stylish country retreats. His creativity, professionalism and discretion have generated a loyal following amongst a wide number of high-profile clients.

Gregory Phillips has won major design awards including 'Best Interior Design' , 'Best UK Interior Design' as well as best 'Contemporary Residential Room' , and best 'Outstanding New Building' .

Services offered include architecture, interior design and bespoke furniture, available individually and as a 'one-stop solution' .