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Living Concrete - Bespoke Concrete Design



At Living Concrete we believe that this amazing 'liquid stone' offers limitless possibilities for modern construction, architecture, interior design and industrial design. Many architects and designers share this view and increasingly incorporate concrete into their creations, attracted by the material's austere and cool appearance, as well as its versatility. By using the best of modern technology, we have created a range of unique products and concrete furniture, that demonstrate how concrete can be both beautiful and functional. From hand-crafted lights, floor tiles and wall panels to worktops, sinks to bespoke furniture We also offer seamless surface solutions like Microcement (Microconcrete, Neobeton, Thincrete, Oxicrete and Revokolor decorative cement based renders). We are dedicated to delivering exclusive, individually crafted products of the highest quality. Our Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) - is a very durable with increased bending strength parameters that deny traditional conception of concrete. It has the same unique aesthetic qualities, the same noble, raw beauty and elegance. It is a safe, frost resistant, refractory material, 100% natural and ecological. Living Concrete puts great emphasis on the quality of its products. Our concrete is laboratory tested and is a subject to constant quality control and meets high durability standards. We are committed to our work with an individual approach, quality and understanding customer expectations That is why we do not say that we do concrete. We create ... For us it is much more than concrete.