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Registered Interior Design Practice

Morpheus & Co (Design) Ltd

Morpheus Courchevel Chalet Apartment Livingroom



Morpheus & Co. is an award-winning design studio, breaking the mould with our transformation into a community of the most talented creatives. With a core team founded on impeccable design management, the studio ebbs and flows to the pulse of the individuals that give Morpheus its distinctive originality.

We are known for our anything-but-ordinary interiors, interior architecture and one-off furniture pieces. With Morpheus & Co. there’s no ‘one size fits all’ mentality. We approach each adventure with a clean slate, building fresh concepts and new perspectives.

We have a 25 year heritage, that has seen us creating all variety of real estate and hospitality throughout London, Europe, America and the Far East, connected by a common thread of creative flair and impeccable delivery.

Named after the god of dreams, we start all our projects with our ‘Dream Translation’. This captures the spirit and individuality of the project, our clients’ brand, their clientele’s aspirations and the influence of the local environment. The Dream is then translated into tangible references which forms our creative process and design.

Morpheus ultimate design goal is the end user experience. Creating spaces that transform for the better way of living. Morpheus is working toward the global reference of services apartments and branded residences.


We provide the following services to our market leading clients:

· Interior Architecture

· Interior Design

· Bespoke Furniture & Lighting

· Design Management

· Residential Development Consultancy

· FF&E Procurement

· In-House Visualisation (CGI)


Areas where we specialise are as follows:

· Hotels & Hospitality

· Branded Residences

· Private Members Clubs

· Private Residences



Our Sustainability Ethos:

We are passionate about sustainability, not just as a brand but also as individuals. We are at a pivotal point in human history now. Climate change is accelerating and we are feeling the effects of it – in the changes to our air, sea levels and weather. The need to act to protect our planet has never been so urgent, and it is our mission is to promote radical changes and new solutions to the ways we design so that we can continue to call this planet, home for generations to come.’

At Morpheus & Co. our ethos is grounded in the following core values:

Responsible Procurement

There is no longer any excuse for a scatter-gun approach to how designers procure and what they procure. As well as our social responsibilities we also have a responsibility to protect the brand values and perceptions of our clients.


Experiential Design

The emotional impact of a designed space is as important as the aesthetic impact. Additionally, the exploration of modern interpretations of how colour and light affect our reactivity to a space, coupled with the traditional disciplines such as Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui allows for a broader consideration and more accurate impact of what we design.



The need and desire for ‘community’ is stronger than ever; from the ‘micro’ of our design community to the ‘macro’ of our clients’ overall objectives. Often our clients’ goal is to create communities within not only their developments, but also their brands, we nurture this influence within the functionalities of our design.



Not only is this an active process of becoming aware of, and making

choices towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, but also in the way that our clients’ take on their responsibility in championing this. Whether it be a drive towards a plastic-free operation or simply supporting the luxury of ‘time’ for guests or owners, we design with these ambitions well considered throughout the process.