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Plumis Ltd



Plumis is the manufacturer of the James Dyson Award-winning Automist range of innovative fire sprinkler alternatives that blend seamlessly into residential settings. Exhaustively third-party tested to be reliable, trustworthy and quality-controlled, the heat-activated Automist uses water mist – an increasingly popular, highly effective fire suppressant – to either extinguish fires or suppress them long enough to allow people to escape safely and firefighters to attend. The company's latest product, the Automist Smartscan®, matches the performance of residential sprinklers (BS 9252) and conventional ceiling-mounted water mist systems (BS 8458). Elegantly engineered, water-saving, and efficient, it is less disruptive to install, simple to commission and straightforward to maintain. More importantly, on activation its combination of fine water spray and precision targeting reduces the potential for water damage. The Plumis Automist fire suppression range are being increasingly used to avoid boxed-in compartmentation and, in retrofit projects, is in general more cost effective and less disruptive than fitting water sprinklers. With the concept gaining favour with local authorities and fire services across the UK, it is no wonder that Plumis won the CBI’s Innovator of the Year award in 2014.