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Rhubarb London LLP


  • Joseph Pace
  • Tel: 07506694743


Sympathetically combining original recycled fabrics in both antique and vintage chair designs, RhubarbLondon creates eclectic handcrafted furniture that is perfectly tailored to advocates of historical design. At the heart of any RhubarbLondon design lies its distinctive upholstery, sourced from completely original archives. When you purchase a RhubarbLondon chair, you can be certain that you’re getting a one-off piece of furniture. Proudly crafted in Britain, each bespoke design embodies a piece of history; exquisitely blending rare and antique fabrics and military uniforms with expertly applied upholstery techniques and tailoring. RhubarbLondon’s iconic designs strive to push the creative boundaries of history and design, constantly endeavouring to bring you new and inspiring products. The creative driving force behind RhubarbLondon is Shaun Brownell, who has been designing and making these evocative pieces since 2013.