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Founded in 2005, Riviere design and make custom hand knotted rugs of exceptional quality and style. With backgrounds in art and interior design, our diverse collection reflects a passion for understated elegance and timeless glamour. We are a specialist company working solely with interior designers on projects worldwide, from town houses to super yachts. Size, shape, colour and silk content can all be customised. In addition to our own collection, we also offer a fully bespoke service, helping clients to develop their own ideas and with over 1,200 colour tufts and a colour matching service, the possibilities are endless.

Each rug is entirely hand made in our Nepalese and Indian workshops using best grade Tibetan wool and pure Chinese silk, with a minimum of 100 knots per inch. We also offer other knot counts and yarns, including mohair, linen and bamboo. We are proud to be part of a skilled artisan tradition and by combining craftsmanship, creativity and a highly personal service, we weave pieces that are beautiful, original and will last for generations.