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The Serif TV, designed by the Bouroullec brothers is the epitome of television in interior design


Samsung is a visionary destination for interior designers seeking to redefine the essence of home entertainment. Our curated selection of lifestyle televisions, including The Frame TV and The Serif TV, is the epitome of elegance and innovation.

With The Frame TV, experience the seamless fusion of art and technology as it beautifully transforms into a mesmerising piece of artwork when not in use. Embrace the freedom to customise your living spaces with an ever-expanding art collection, curated to suit your unique taste.

Step into the world of timeless design with The Serif TV, a true statement piece that seamlessly integrates into any interior. Its iconic I-shaped profile and premium materials create a bold aesthetic that effortlessly complements your décor.

Samsung offers an immersive blend of cutting-edge visuals and artistic brilliance, bringing unparalleled sophistication to your living spaces. Elevate your interior design journey with us and indulge in the ultimate television experience. Redefine luxury, redefine entertainment – a beautiful home deserves a beautiful TV.