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Savoir Beds Limited



A good night's sleep means a good day ahead. That's why you need the best possible bed, ideally one made specifically for you. Savoir Beds hand craft the most luxurious bespoke mattresses and box springs at our west London bedworks. Our Savoy Bed, first commissioned by the famous hotel in 1905, is resident in some of London's most glamorous hotels and homes throughout the world.

Comments in the press speak for themselves: I've never had a sleepless night says Emma Thompson, after her first night in a Savoir Bed, Evening Standard June 1998. The most comfortable mattress in the world - Nina Campbell, House and Garden May 2003 -Gloriously, narcoleptically comfortable -Judith Woods, The Daily Telegraph, August 1998 - You melt into it like you would a good massage; within moments, I was asleep- Morag Preston, The Times June 2003 As individual as a Savile Row suit, and as long lasting, every Savoir bed is made to order.

From the beginning, a bed is crafted with your name on it, be it of a standard size, a particular shape for a yacht, upholstered or made to fit a frame. Savoir uses only the finest natural material, including curled horse tail, wool and cotton, and over 60 hours of a craftsman's time. Your exact requirements are built in to give you exactly the right combination of support and comfort you need for a perfect night's sleep. Finally, when the bed is complete, the craftsman responsible will add their name to your work of art.

For more limited budgets, and ideal for guestrooms, we also produce the Savoir contract range. It is available in only standard sizes and one standard level of support. You will still find only fine natural materials within it, but it is created in a less labour intensive way.