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The BIID gives out several awards to recognise the achievements of those who have achieved interior design excellence and those who have contributed to the development of the profession.

Honorary Fellowship

Paul Smith

The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) introduced Honorary Fellowships in 2012 to recognise those who have had a profound impact on the development and success of the interior design profession. We believe it is important to show our gratitude to those who do not meet our membership criteria yet inspire, enrich and influence the interior design profession in significant ways. These figures come from a range of different fields, including of other design disciplines, such as fashion, graphic or product design, professional bodies, photography and landscape. Find out more about previous winners.

Merit Award

The Merit Award is presented each year to a Member of the Institute who has achieved excellence in interior design practice, contributed to the development of the Institute and/or in the wider field of design education. The nominee should have a proven track record of interior design projects, have made a positive contribution to the BIID and be well respected in the industry. 

Past winners:

Susie Rumbold, 2023; Sue Timney, 2022; Joanna Wood, 2021; Diana McKnight, 2020; Karin Verzariu 2019: Janet Jones, 2018: Dean Keyworth, 2017: Noriko Sawayama, 2016: Rosemary Hamilton, 2015: Jenny Gibbs, 2014: Iris Dunbar, 2013: Lori Pinkerton-Rolet, 2011: Gordon Lindsay, 2010: Mary Fox Linton, 2008: Diana Yakeley, 2007: Christopher Vane Percy, 2006: Jacqueline Duncan, 2005.

CPD Award

The annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Award is given to the Institute member who has accrued the highest number of CPD hours in the past year and shown an outstanding commitment to their own professional development.

Past winners: 2022/2023: Chloe Bullock 2021/2022: Harriet Anstruther 2020/2021: Saumele Viola 2019/2020: Nagashima Masumi 2018/2019: Nicola Burt 2017/2018: Martin Nealon 2016/2017: Mary Barber Fray 2015/2016: Savana Al Khudhairi 2014/2015: Rowena Vaughan 2013/2014: Caroline Palk 2012/2013: Katy Graham 2011/2012: Jamie Hempsall 2010/2011: Caroline Palk 2009/2010: Omeima Osman

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