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Registered Interior Designer

BIID Registered Interior Designer®

Experienced working interior designers with a combined 6 years of experience and education.

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Eligibility Criteria

Interior designers with a total of six years of combined interior design/architecture education and work experience or a minimum of 6 years work experience qualify for BIID Registered Interior Designer® membership.

Must carry relevant professional insurances i.e. Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance

Must attend the Registration Assessment in person to present one complete project. This registration assessment aims to underpin and evidence your knowledge of professional practice in conjunction with the BIID Code of Conduct. The Registration Assessment can also be conducted via Skype

Application Process

Application Process Applicants are required to complete the online application form and include details of their education, work experience and areas of expertise.

Insurance policy details for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.

Contact details of two professionals who you have worked with that can support your application for membership i.e. architects, surveyors, trade suppliers or BIID Registered Interior Designers, please click here for a full list of acceptable referees.

You will also be required to upload the following information to your application:

List of projects undertaken in the past 24 months (bullet points only)

Curriculum Vitae Colour portrait photograph Once your current level of work experience and education has been assessed, you will be invited to attend the Registration Assessment in person. You will need to show via a complete design project, how you have researched and developed an interior design project for a client complete with an analysis of their requirements. For those unable to attend in person, the Registration Assessment can be conducted by Skype.

If you are not able to meet the criteria for the registration assessment you may apply to become an Associate or Provisional Associate member (depending on your professional qualifications) until you are ready to upgrade your membership to BIID Registered Interior Designer®.

Membership Fees

BIID Registered Interior Designer *£395 + VAT per year. Membership dues are based on the calendar year (April - March). Memberships are pro-rated on a monthly basis. *The membership rate quoted above is the fee you will pay if you switch to paying by direct debit. Fees can be spread over the year by a direct debit collection. If payment is made by BACS/Credit or Debit card an additional £25 administration will apply. Fees are reviewed annually. There is a one-off non-refundable Application Fee of £50 + VAT